Health & Wellness/Sport - Fitness Certification

Beyond Fitness offers a unique Specialist High Skill Major Health & Wellness/Sport Fitness Certification for high schools across 4 different school boards in the GTA. The certification is designed for students to actively participate throughout the entire day while learning and understanding the foundations and basic concepts of fitness. Students are able to activate prior knowledge while applying new information in an interactive environment. At the end of the day students will compile their learning and design a fitness program that they lead a partner through. The certification provides students with basic fitness knowledge, which they will be able to build upon when specializing within a specific area of fitness. The material covered is very practical and can be applied by all students while actually living a healthy active lifestyle. 

Topics Covered

Fitness Testing - Cardiovascular & Strength Training + Circuits - Flexibility

Healthy Living - 6 Primal Movements - Create & Lead Workout

School Boards